16 Best iOS Emulators for PC [Windows & Mac]

Can’t afford an apple product but want to run iOS apps? So, stop worrying because we are here with the solution to your problem. Yes, guys, after reading this article you will get the solution to your problem and will be able to play iOS apps on PC which have a window 10, window 8, or window 7.

In this article, I will share the Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC so, that afterward, you don’t need to only think of using those apps, you can directly use them and enjoy playing them. You only need to download iPhone emulator on your PC, and you will be ready to run the iOS apps on your system. It is the best way to iOS apps and games even if you don’t have an apple product with you.

Well, it is not necessary that people always can’t afford to buy an Apple product, sometimes the reason can be because they cannot share anything easily with other devices. There are certain conditions which people don’t like. But also there are some interesting apps which other Operating systems don’t support. So, the solution to both these problems is here in this guide. Well, before I start sharing the best emulators, I would first want to tell you about what an iOS emulator is exactly.

What are iOS emulators?

Emulators are virtual programs that are used by users for creating a different environment on various operating systems. The software programs are similar to these iOS emulators. iOS emulators provide an environment to Windows PC which helps to freely run the iOS apps. Virtualization technologies create virtual machines, and emulators follow the concept of these technologies.

Advantages of iOS Emulators
For testing the apps and programs, application developers built the emulators. After downloading iOS emulator on your operating system, applications can run on more than one operating systems like Windows and Android. The major advantage of it is that they are free of cost and can be upgraded with the help of SDK. They are not only free of cost, but they are easy to download as well, and so they are user-friendly.

iOS Emulators V/S iOS Simulators

iOS emulators are the virtual programs used for creating different OS environment so that a person can easily run the iPhone apps on Windows PC. Well, iOS simulators can also create a different OS environment, but they are unable to develop a hardware copy, and so, they are not allowed to run some apps.

Well, for testing the apps, people prefer to use iOS emulators rather than the simulators. A device manufacturer provides an iOS emulator. On the other hand, a simulator is offered either by a device manufacturer or by some other company.

A machine-level language is used to write the emulators while a high-level language is used to write simulators. For debugging purpose, emulators are best, but simulators are not suitable for debugging purpose.  Simulators work faster, but emulators work slower than the simulators.

Well, I hope now you are aware of what an iOS emulator exactly is and what are its advantages. And I hope now you are aware of the difference between an iOS emulator and iOS simulators. So, use them akeeping in mind the points mentioned above.

16 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC


app.io emulator

App.iO is one of the best iOS emulators and are very easy to use. Well, along with this advantage, App.iO has one major disadvantage that it sometimes takes half an hour for downloading a single app.

Well, users get the one-week free trial which is free of cost. So, if you feel satisfied after trying it, you can upgrade to the premium plan.

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2. Appetize.IO

Appetize.io Emulator

Well, if you want a better alternative for App.io, Appetize can be the best option. For developing  Android and iOS applications on cloud storage, you should only use Appetze.io. It is a free iOS emulator for up to first hundred minutes after downloading this emulator. Well, $0.05 will be charged per minute, if you will exceed the time limit. But for a trial, it is a perfect and free iOS emulator for you. Well, if you are planning to use an Appetize.io emulator, below, I have written the steps which you need to follow to use it.

  • Well, of course firstly, you need to visit the official website of Appetize.io emulator.
  • After visiting, you would require to upload the iOS or Android application file.
  • For the app link, put your own email address which you use.
  • Open you email ID there you will receive a link from Appetize.io. Open the link, and you are ready to use this emulator.

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3. SmartFace

Smartface Emulator

For building native cross-platform iOS apps, it is a remarkable iOS emulator for Android. Both paid as well as the free versions are available, so, you can use any of them of your choice. A perfect alternative for iPadian is none other than the Smartface.

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4. Ipadian

Ipadian emulator

For the best iPad emulators, IPadian will be the best option for you.  Well, if you want a real feel of using an iPhone, Ipadian is the best iOS emulator which you can download. It provides features like TvOS, iMessages, Siri, and watch OS. Its interface is similar to that of the iPhone or an iPad.

So, for running the iOS apps on your Android, this emulator is a perfect choice but don’t expect that it will run all the iOS apps on your Windows. You can play iOS games on pc after downloading this emulator. Well, people have liked this emulator very much, and so, it is a user-friendly emulator.

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5. Mobione Studio

The app developers, who are looking for developing a cross-platform application on mobile phones, Mobione Studio is very useful for them. Though it is officially banned, you can still use it. Similar notifications like iOS are enabled if you are using this app.

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6. iPad Simulator

ipad simulator

iPad simulator acts as a simulator as well as a cloud OS, and it is the extension of the Google Chrome browser. You don’t need to pay anything and can use Apple features like Siri with this iPad simulator. It is a virtual clone of iPad, and can be perfectly used as an iOS emulator. So, the best choice for a cloud iOS emulator is none other than the iOS simulator. Well, you can easily drag the iOS applications from PC and drop them to iPad simulator.

Currently not available on Web store. Stay tune will update it soon.

7. Air iPhone

It enables the actual screen and creates a virtual iPhone on your laptops. If you want to download Air iPhone, you can download it from its official website. Well, it very beneficial for the users because it supports Adobe air framework.

These are some of the best iOS emulators which you can use to on your Windows and take a feel of using an iPhone. Well, you might be thinking about how to use iOS on Android. So, don’t worry, the guide is not over yet. You will find the answer to this question in this guide only.

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8. iPhone Simulator

Well, if your kid wants to play iPhone games on Windows PC, you should only go for iPhone simulator. The graphics quality is remarkable. You will definitely be going to love it. iPhone emulator can help you to easily create a virtual clone UI of iPhone on Windows. And as it is free of cost, you only need to download it and enjoy its amazing features.

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9. Nintendo 3D emulator


Well, this emulator supports a large number of positive reviews from iOS users. Nintendo 3D emulator is considered as the best iOS emulator for gaming, and as the name reflects, you can enjoy playing 3D games. Well, you will not find any lagging issues while playing games in Nintendo 3D emulator, and can use it smoothly without any inconvenience.

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10. Electric Mobile Studio

Well, the emulators which I have reviewed above are free to use, but this electric mobile studio is a paid iOS emulator. It is quite expensive, but the quality which it provides to its users is fabulous. One can develop iOS apps using different coding languages. Well, if we compare this emulator to other its other alternatives, it consumes more RAM and heavier. Well, if you want to test it before buying its plan, you can have a one-week free trial.

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You can download all the apps and games available on the iPad or iPhone if you are using IMAME emulator. Well, not all the emulators allow you to download all the iOS apps, but with IMAME, one can easily use it. You can play any game you want once you will download this software. Well, let me tell you, results are not much impressive, but you can at least give a trial to it. If you will like it, you can continue to enjoy using this software.

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12. Xamarin Testflight

It is a user-friendly software providing advanced support to its users. Well, you can download and install it easily without any complications, but this software only allows you to test the apps based on iOS 8.0 or above. For testing the apps lower than iOS 8.0, you can use other apps available in this list of best emulators for Windows PC.

Well, this software has recently come into the market and has become popular among many users because it can perform many tasks related to iOS. You can easily download it and operate without any inconvenience.

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Nowadays, Xamarin is popular software in the market. Primarily the developers have used this software to test the Window platform with the cross-platform compatibility of iOS apps. The features which Xamarin supports are the quality one and can run the apps like iMessage on Windows PC.

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14. Ripple

Ripple is mainly used either to test the applications or for the development of new applications. You can use it as an iOS emulator because it is a Google Chrome browser-based extension. Well, like IMAME emulator, ripple emulator also supports all the iOS applications. A user can run iOS1 to iOS11 apps on any laptop or computer if he/she is using Ripple software.

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15. Remoted iOS emulator

You can easily use this software and can check all the iOS applications using this emulator. With the help of windows visual studio enterprise, you can debug this software. So, if you are not satisfied with the other software or face any problems, you can go for remoted iOS emulator.

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16. IDOS Emulator

IDIOS emulator is a free iOS emulator as well as easy to use and operate. Well, there are no recent updates of this software and it is also not usually adviced to use it. But yes, you can at least give a try to it.

So, guys, these are some of the best iOS app players for windows. I hope, you guys, found the best emulator which you want to use. And now, I will share some best iOS emulators for Mac. So, let’s have a looks at them. Though these software is similar to the above emulators mentioned above, the emulators which I will review below are suitable to use on Mac PC.

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best ios emulator for MAC

4 Best iOS emulators for Mac

The iOS emulators which are perfect for Windows PC as well as for Mac are:

1. App.io

This app supports almost all the versions of Mac OS and it is a web-based emulator for MAC. Well, it is one of the best emulators nowadays which people are using for Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and MAC PC.The best alternative for Appetize.io is App.io, but it is online web-based emulator and not software based.

2. Xamarin Testflight

Well, as I have already mentioned above, Xamarin Testflight supports the great features which can work easily on your computer or laptop. Well, of course, this emulator can work well not only for Windows PC but for MAC PC also.

3. Xamarin

Xamarin offers the best quality features to its users. Its features are perfect for testing iOS apps on Windows and Mac. Well, along with these useful features, users are happy from this emulator because it is easy to use or operate. You only need to install it and you ready to use it.

4. Appetize.io

This free ios emulator is, of course, suitable to test applications on Windows as well as Mac. Well, I have already mentioned how to use this emulator on Windows, you have to follow the same procedure for MacBook as well. So, if you don’t want to download the software, and want to use it online, Appetize.io is the best choice for you.

ios on android

How to Use iOS in Android?

There are several iOS emulators for Android which help you run iOS app on your android device easily. Well, don’t think much or root your device, download the software which many sites offer and follow the steps. You can easily use iOS on Android by following the steps carefully. Well, as I said, you need to follow the steps carefully, or you might face some risks.

For a default OS, some Android phones platform are designed like HTC, Galaxies, and Nexus series. So, you may have a chance to face problems like voiding its warranty and bricking, and loss of functionality of some features if you will change the recommended OS. Well, you cannot completely trust it because it is a third party source.

Well, feedback of using an iOS on Android is positive from many users.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, it is all in this article, I hope this guide was beneficial for you guys. Well, I have shared almost every detail regarding the iOS emulators, if you have any queries left, you can feel free to contact us. And if you have any other information which is not mentioned in this article, you can share it with us. Thank You.

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