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Kik Messanger is an instant messaging app through which you can chat with your friends, shares pictures, videos, webpages and much more. You can also use Kik app on your PC or laptop. If you also want to use this app on your PC, then check out the full guide on how to download Kik for PC or Laptop. It is very simple and it takes a few minutes to start chatting with your friends who are using Kik Messenger for PC. Kik app is available for Mac, Android, and Windows. So, you can use this app on every device. Let us see how to use the Kik App on PC or Laptop.

Before we start, let us first see what is Kik messenger app.

What is Kik Messenger?

Kik Messenger is an instant messaging app through which you can send text messages, share videos, pictures, and webpages. The app uses your Wi-Fi or data connection to send pictures and videos to anyone who uses the Kik app. This app was developed by Kik Interactive, it is a Canadian company released in October 2010. You can get connected to your friends by using their mobile number, username or by scanning the Code.

Kik app is similar to Whatsapp and Viber app, though it has some additional features which make it more popular. One of the best features is anonymity. To register on other social media accounts, it asks our mobile numbers but Kik does not ask number. On Kik you can register using your email id, choose the username and that’s it you are ready.

Kik for PC

Now, let us see how to Download Kik for PC and what are the different methods to download Kik for PC or laptop.

How to Download KIK for PC?

There are few different ways to download Kik for PC. Let us see one by one with a full guide.

Method 1: Using Bluestacks

  1. First of all download Bluestacks for PC or Mac from the given link
  2. Once it is downloaded, install the emulator on PC
  3. Now, in the search bar type “Kik Messenger”
  4. Once you get it click on the install button
  5. Run the app and create your Kik account, and start chatting with your friends.


Method 2: Chrome Extension Method

Google Chrome Browser developed a software Google Chrome Extension. Google Chrome Extension is very lightweight and easy to use. But, if you want to use the extension for Kik messenger then you need to first download it. Use the given below method to download the app. Follow the given steps to download the Chrome Extension.

  • First, open Google Chrome App on your PC and type “Chrome extension for Kik
  • From the search list of Google click on the first link
  • You will see a new page, there click on the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • Once you click on it, it will install Kik on your computer.

Method 3: Leapdroid Method

Leapdroid is an Android Emulator which helps in installing the Kik messenger. There is a slight difference between Leapdroid and other emulators. The difference is Leapdroid allows you to play the games and benefits from apps in a clear resolution.

Follow the given steps and download Kik for PC.

  • First of all download Leapdroid on your PC
  • Install the file once it is downloaded
  • Now open Play Store, it will ask to enter your email id, enter email
  • Search for Kik Messenger
  • Download the Kik app and install it
  • That’s it! you can now use it on your PC.

Method 4:  Download Kik on PC without Bluestacks or any software

If you don’t wish to download an Emulator on your PC, then you can use this method to download Kik for PC. All of them have different reasons to not use Emulator. Reasons might be limited bandwidth or any. To help you we have brought another method to download Kik On PC without Emulator.

The solution is Kik Login Online. 

Kik Messenger For PC

Reasons to download the Kik App for PC

One of the most popular apps is Kik Messenger for PC. This app allows you to communicate with them and makes your conversations exciting with lots of great features. Let us see a few reasons why you need to download Kik for PC.

  • You get a unique chatting experience
  • Integrated Web browser
  • A Simple User- Interface
  • Recover older chats
  • You can continue chatting from where you left.

1. Unique Chatting experience

Kik for PC is a unique texting app which has lots of exciting features. It gives a unique chatting experience and it cares about your Privacy. While chatting on Kik on a computer, you can stay nameless. Easily your username can be changed and can create a new account. There are so many people who download Kik because they want to stay nameless on the internet.

2. Integrated Web browser

While using this app you don’t need to leave the app, you can send a message to anyone in your contact list, share files, videos, pictures and can also do video chat. And when you want to open a web page, you don’t need to leave the messenger window. The app has a built-in web browser which does the job. Most people download Kik for PC because they are tired of switching between the app.

3. Simple User-Interface

Kik Messenger has a simple user interface, which allows you to use the app without reading any post or seeing the video. You can easily use this app on your own, you don’t need to ask anyone how to use it. Once you install the app, you will automatically learn everything.

4. Recover older chats

In Kik Messenger app it is easy to get your older chats by using the “history” feature. This feature is good when you want to get an important message and your chat is not visible then this helps you out.

5. Continue chatting from where you left.

While using Kik, you don’t need to worry about where you left last time. Whenever you start it again it will start from where you left. It allows you to continue the chat from where you left.

Final Thoughts!

This is our in-depth article, we have put so much efforts to make it upto the mark. If it helps you in any way then please share it with your friends and social network. Now you already know how you can download Kik for PC or Laptop and use it independently without any mobile device. Check out all the methods and start downloading the KIK app on your PC. Stay tuned for more and latest updates.

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