Top 10 Music Downloader Apps For Android

Upcoming transformation of music companies killing us by snatching our hard earned money to their pocket for monthly subscription just to  listen songs. The reason we thought to help people who are looking for free music downloader apps for android including paid version too. For iOS we will bring the list soon, but as of now we are share it for Android.

P.S: The list contains both Free and Paid channels. And a bonus freemium version too.

Why Do You Need Music? Obvious but Truth.

Most of us love to listen to music and sing along with the beat. Some listen to music to do time pass, and for some, it refreshes their mood. All of them have different reasons to listen to the music, as some just listen to it. And now as the technology has come so far, it makes more fun as all the smartphones have replaced the MP3 Music player or any other devices.

From the time mobile networks started giving high-speed internet and Wifi, it made our work easier. So much thing now can be done with the phone only we don’t need any desktop for it. Earlier, we used to download the Mp3 songs on the computer and then transfer those songs in your phone, but now it is very easy as we can directly download the songs from the Internet on your phone.

There are many Music Downloader Apps available on the internet which has nice songs to download it. Let us check out the best Music Downloader Apps for Android.

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android 2019

For many people Music is God, it is considered as a medium to say what we want to say but we fail to speak. As technology has come so far there are various modes to play and listen to the music. There are some of the best Music Downloader apps we recommend are best. Let us check out a few of them.

1. GTunes Music Downloader

Gtunes Music

GTunes Music Downloader searches the music from big domains of music where you will get millions of artists and songs from everywhere. The search option in this App is pretty good, so this is the best Music downloader app if you exactly know which song you are looking for. However, while using the app keep note then the “C” will view the search results, so try it before complaining. The app has a built-in player also and it allows you to trim your tunes and can keep it as a ringtone.


2. Songily

Songily music downloader

Songily music downloader app provides all the songs in the expected quality. It has made a place for itself by satisfying the people by giving all the features. There are many Music Download apps which do not allow the user to download the MP3 file of the songs but Songily app allows to do it. And this is the main reason of the app getting famous with many downloads.

In Songily app, you can search and play music online. You can also download the MP3 file for free. From the app you can share it with your friends and to other devices also.

Features of Songily

  • You can search and Play Music Online
  • Choose the song from the Top Charts
  • Download the songs for free and use it with other device or apps.


3. Amazon Prime Music

amazon prime music

Amazon, one of the most popular online shopping market name. On this online store, you can get almost everything you want. It also offers other benefits to its Prime Subscribers like additional cashback and free delivery. Apart from all this, you can also enjoy Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music with it.

Amazon Prime Music has a fresh user interface and it is very easy to use. On this app, you can create your own playlists, download songs and make a personal playlist. One of the best thing about Amazon Prime is it has built-in Alexa support which makes the user happy and gets the best experience.

Features of Amazon Prime Music

  • It supports Alexa
  • Can download Unlimited Songs
  • Playlists get updated daily


4.  Gaana


Gaana app is especially for those who have Indian taste. The app has all the genre and language songs of India. So, Gaana app is one of the best Android MP3 downloaders with a collection of more than 10 million songs. You can also create your own Playlist depending on your choice of songs. It has both English and Hindi songs.

Additionally, the app also has regional songs language, for free. The only thing where we get annoyed is when the Ads appear. There are so many Ad popups. But then also, Gaana has become the most popular app to listen to music online.

Features Of Gaana

  • Huge collection of Bollywood and English Songs.
  • Non-Stop online Radio stations
  • Separate section for Top Bollywood Songs, Ghazals, Bhajans, Dance Songs, Romantic songs

Ganna Pro Features

  • No Ads
  • HD High-quality Music
  • Offline Mode available to Download Music and listen to it offline
  • Music Sync up to 5 Devices.


5. Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs

Wynk music

Wynk Music has made a huge growth from the time it was developed until now. The User Interface is attractive and friendly. This App is the most used app by so many users. You also might have used this app already.

On Wynk App there are more than 1.8 million songs which you can stream and download music also. It allows you to search for music of artists, genres, moods, etc. There is a huge music library with all artists and genres. Here you will get all old, latest, Hindi, English, Bollywood, Hollywood Songs.

If you are an Airtel user then this app is best for you as it gives you a free subscription to all the users. And if you are using any other operator then Airtel then you can pay Rs.99 per month and get a Subscription of Wynk App. This premium subscription allows the user to download unlimited songs.

Features Of Wynk Music

  • The huge music library of Indian and International Music
  • Buffer free Music Streaming
  • So much curated Playlist with categories

Wynk Pro Features 

  • One month free Trial Subscription
  • Ad-Free Music
  • Unlimited In-App music Download


6. Google Play Music

Google play music

It is hectic to get extra space for music app in Android, so this one app is something which comes as a Default in most of the Android devices. However, if you want to stream online or want to play any downloaded track then Google Play Music is a one-stop place. This one is a great choice for all the MP3 downloading.

From a very long time, Google Play Music is one of the best MP3 downloaders for Android. It also has a Subscription offers and it allows you to download music for free. Google Play Music is one of the best music Players for Android. To get your favorite track and Play it online, you can go to its store. You need to pay the subscription fees to download the music.

Features of Google Play Music

  • With the tags and category, it allows you to find the best music
  • Recommends your tracks
  • Can find and subscribe to the podcast for free
  • Allows you to store up to 50,000 personal songs.

Play Music Pro Features 

  • Offline Mode
  • Ad-Free Music
  • On-Demand Music
  • Family Plan
  • YouTube Red Membership


7. TubeMate

tubemate download

Sometimes the best apps for free music downloads are those apps which are not meant for it. Like that TubeMate is an app which is not designed for music download but it allows you to download YouTube videos in many formats and also in audio only.

As we already know, YouTube is the best place to listen to music, and TubeMate is the best place to download that music. You will not get TubeMate on Google Play Store because it encroaches on YouTube.


9. Spotify


Spotify app is one of the most popular Music Streaming and downloading the app in countries like Europe and the United States. However, it is available for some countries like Australia, Newzealand, and in a few parts of Asia.

This app has a huge collection of music from a different artist. You can also create your own playlists or can choose from another playlist. If we compare it to other apps then the content is new on Spotify. There are more than 20 million songs which are sufficient to stream the music. It has the best things in the Premium version and is a popular one.

To get the premium version you can download Spotify Premium APK or can use Lucky patcher app. But again it is not legal to do so.

Features Of Spotify

  • Gets latest released
  • Enjoy songs without Ads
  • Available for all devices, mobile, laptop
  • Offline mode is available to play music without the Internet.
  • In the Premium version, you will get high-quality sound.


10. Jio Saavn

jio saavn

JioSaavn music is very popular as nowadays almost everyone uses Jio. On JioSaavn you get a huge library of all music type English, Hindi, Bollywood, radio stations, etc. Listen to songs according to your favourite artist. There are also many international artists songs available. It also allows you to create your own playlist and share it with your friends and others. To use this app you need the best Internet connection.

Features of JioSaavn

  • Daily update
  • radio stations and live podcasts
  • weekly top songs list

Final Thoughts:

I hope now you can reach your peace level to the max. Well, just kidding. But guys really, I hope you may now enjoy listening to your favourite songs anytime with anyone. If our list really helps you find your perfect music partner then please share this article.

Also, if you have any suggestion which could best fit to the above list then please feel free to share us in comments below. Please remember to share this article “Best Music Downloader Apps for Android“. If you are a music lover and wants to stream music then you must share this article to help your loved ones. Stay tuned for more and latest updates.

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