6 Best Rapidgator Premium Link Generator [Exclusive List]

Many users upload the file on the computer to share it with others. But there are many people who have a file of huge size and they want to share the file on the internet. The user looks for many ways to store the data as a backup and searches many good ways to upload this huge file. The most common way is the Internet Storage and the best one is when we can store our data safely. The best way to upload a file is we can upload it on the website and download the data whenever you need it, from the website.

There are many websites on the Internet to store the data. And one of the best websites is Rapidgator. Rapidgator website is a website where one can store their data as it gives unlimited space to save the data. You can also download your important data anytime from anywhere. So, if you are also one of them who want to upload a file but is of big size then you must check out websites like Rapidgator to upload your data.

Most of the users want a Premium account of Rapidgator. As we all know, a free account just gives us some of the features but a Premium Account gives all the features. So, to get all the features, all of them wants a Premium account. So, for them, there is a Rapidgator free Premium Link Generator. So, let us check out the best Rapidgator Premium Link Generator.

On the Internet, you will see so many websites from where one can generate the Premium Account of Rapidgator for free.  If you also want a Rapidgator link for free then follow the given steps with the name of the website. So, let us check out the top best websites from where you can generate a Premium Link. Follow the given steps which are shown below.

Best Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

1. PremiumLeech.eu


PremiumLeech website is used all over the world and is an outstanding website. With the help of this website, one can get a Premium Link. So, if you want to generate a premium link, then follow the given steps below.

Steps to Generate Premium Link

  • First of all, visit the official website of PremiumLeech.eu
  • Once you open the page, there you will see the option to paste the link which you want to generate
  • So copy the link from the website
  • Paste the link in the given box of each Premium Link
  • Tab on the box of I agree to terms of service
  • Then press the Generate Premium Link Button

2. Deepbird


Deepbird aka big speed is the well-founded website where one can generate the Premium Link. The website Deepbird also helps to access to the links from all the files of cloud file and also other storage space.

If you also want to generate the Premium link then follow the given steps to generate the Premium Account on Rapidgator.

  • First, open the official website of BigSpeed from the given link
  • Tap on the Login Panel at the top right corner
  • Enter your account details and Login
  • Copy the link and paste it in the box
  • Click on Premiumize it
  • That’s It! Generation process is completed.
NOTE: If you are not Login then first Sign Up in the Big Speeds website. Sign Up by visiting the site of Bigspeed and click on the Register button which is at the top right corner of your PC screen.)

Follow the given steps to Register for Big Speed Account.

  • Sign Up by using an Email ID, enter Username, Password, confirm the password
  • Press Enter
  • You are successfully registered on the account of Deepbird.

3. Leech All

Leechall rapidgator premium link generator

The Online Premium Link generator tool Leech All is used in the whole world. By using a Lee Chall website one can generate the Premium Link for free. The website is very easy to use and it does not charge any fee for the user. Using Lee Chall you can generate Rapidgator Premium Account.

Follow the given steps to Generate Rapidgator Premium Account.

  • First of all open the official website of Lee Chall from the given link
  • There you will see a text input box
  • Paste your link there
  • Click on the download button
  • That’s It! You have created a Premium Link Successfully.

4. Cocoleech

Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

One of the most popular websites is Cocoleech which was used all over the world to generate Premium Link. This site is popular for generating Rapidgator Premium account link. Cocoleech website is very easy to use. So, generate premium link by using Cocoleech.

  • First, visit the official site of Coco leech from the given link
  • At the top of the website, you will see a column to enter the link
  • There paste the link which you want to generate
  • Now, click on the Green Generate Button
  • That’s It! Successfully you have created the Premium link

5. GeneratorLink Premium

Generator Link Premium

GeneratorLink Premium website is very easy to use and is completely free. One can easily generate the Premium Link. Most of them want a premium account as they can generate a premium link.

  • Go to the official website of GeneratorLink Premium from the given link
  • Copy the link and paste in the given box
  • Click on I agree with the terms of services Box
  • Then click on generate premium link button
  • You are done. You have created a premium link.

6. Neo Derbid

Neo Derbid

Neo Derbid is an online tool which is used to generate Rapidgator premium link for free. It comes with freemium plans which come with some limitations inside. Using the site is very easy and does not come with any extra efforts. You have to signup for a free plan and get started. Following are the steps to work with Neo Derbird:

  • First of all, visit the official website of Neo Derbid from the given link
  • On the screen, you will see a box where you need to paste the link
  • There paste the link which you need to generate
  • Press the download button
  • That’s it! Successfully premium link is created

Final Thoughts!

As we all know Rapidgator is a popular website through which one can upload data or any file. We suggest you use Rapidgator website as all of us needs a backup. So, here in this article, we have brought the best sites to generate the Rapidgator Premium Link. While using all these sites, you can get a Rapidgator Premium link generator for free. With all the websites we have shown you step by step guide so, it is easy for you to use the website. For more updates visit our site regularly.

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