9 Best Unblocked Music Sites of 2019: Listen Music for Free

Listening to music is the best way to get peace and pacify your mind and soul. There are millions of songs available and millions of music lovers are there in the whole world. Music helps us when you are not in the mood and helps us to relax. There are so many ways to listen to music, one can listen online or can download it, or can watch on Youtube. Nowadays, there is so many musics streaming sites available online. So, here in this article, we are going to talk about the best Unblocked Music Sites of 2019 on the website.

Finding the best free Unblocked Music sites can be hard sometimes. There are many schools, colleges, and workplaces which have restricted access to entertainment websites, which says you can’t listen to music while you are in school, college or network zone. So, here we have collected a list of some free music sites which you can listen to your favorite music, without paying a single penny.

Best Unblocked Music Sites of 2019

1. Grooveshark

grooveshark music site

If you want to get free access to music then Groove Shark is the best app. Groove Shark provides unlimited and free access to personalized Music albums, tracks, and playlists. You can get new tracks, download the upcoming albums and videos on this website. Additionally, you can search and play your favorite song with just a single click and also create multiple playlists also. Grooveshark is the most popular website to get free music unblocked.

Grooveshark is the most popular unblocked music website on the internet. All the users can access music from a database of music on the website. You don’t need to pay any money to get access to Grooveshark. To make use of this website, you need to create an account. You will get all the latest tracks, upcoming music albums, videos, and much more.


2. Playlistsound

playlist sound free music site

One of the best-unblocked music sites at schools, colleges, and workplaces is Playlistsound. Playlistsound website allows you to stream all the latest music online. The Graphic User Interface is very smooth and responsive. You can search the songs through artists, bands, and songs by category. The only negative point is you need to sign up on the website to stream free music for free. However, Playlistsound will remain a great platform for searching for new music online.


3. Slacker

slacker radio

Another popular unblocked music website is Slacker which is available for the colleges, schools, workplaces, and much more. The users can get unlimited access to music and can get the best collection of songs for free on this website. Not like Grooveshark, the users need to log in or register to a new account on this website.

Nevertheless, the song or artist or genre, you can get access to unlimited music here for free. On Slacker website you can find more than 200 radio stations which allow you to listen to your preferred tracks. You can also create your own radio station on this site. On this site, all the songs, tracks and albums will be at one place.


4. Jamendo

Jamendo free music download

Jamendo is the popular unblocked website for music. On this website, there is a huge collection of music and songs that can be accessed for free. You can also access the latest and old hit songs for free on Jamendo website. It has a collection of music lovers from around the world where you can download the music for free without any problem. This website helps you get free music download unblocked at school.

If you are a future musician then you can share your music with other users and quickly see a rise in your popularity. Jamendo can also be accessed at school, college, or work for free without any problem.


5. SongArea

songsarea free music

On SongArea you can access free music 24×7. Instantly you can find and download trending songs on the website without any problem. However, SongArea is not the only music site but it actually squares up as a Proxy site which hosts songs and videos from the plethora of music sites. Moreover, SongArea lets the users to access free music and offers the super-fast streaming speeds with the best bandwidth.


6. Soundzabound


Soundzabound is the best-unblocked music sites which make easy work of royalties related hassles. If you want to download and stream royalty free music for educational purposes then this site is the best one. You don’t need any license to download music from Soundzaboud website. Just scroll down through your favorite tracks no matter if you are at school, college and work.

This site also allows you to stream videos, albums, and the discographies and can create your own playlists. The website is legal and free to use so you don’t need to worry about it if you use it when you are at a workplace or school.


7. Hulkshare

hulkshare download free music

Hulkshare website is rapidly growing musical website which has got great popularity among the music. From this website, you can search your desired tracks, videos, songs, and more. You can also join the musical groups and share your favorite tracks to the people. You can also use this site when you are in school.


8. BlueBeat

bluebeat music

BlueBeat is another popular music site for all music lovers. It has an extensive library of free music. Easily you can shift through tracks from any genre on this website and also enjoy high-quality music. This site works as a social network for music lovers where you can follow your friends or other users music playlists.

BlueBeat has a huge collection of 3D songs for free. It also allows you to create a playlist as per trending songs on the homepage.


9. Pandora Music

pandora music

Pandora website allows the user to create music station as per their whim. Moreover, you can easily be a part of the preset stations if they suit your music. It comprises free songs which are licensed and easily searched by title, artist, and album names. The best factor of the Pandora app is its best User Interface is very smooth and responsive for quick access of songs by using the nifty homepage search box. Pandora is only available in the U.S. right now.


Final Thoughts!

No matter you are in school, college or any workplace you can get all music for free. To listen to any songs you do not need any unblocked music player or service. All sites have an in-built music player. For movies site, you can check out coke and popcorn alternatives.

These are some best Unblocked Music Websites we have collected so far. We will be adding more to it as we get the latest and popular sites. Still if you have any suggestion please let us know in the comments below. If you liked this article and find this article helpful then please do share it with all. If you are looking for more great contents and guide then check out GenerationAxis. Happy Listening.

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