10 Best WiziWig Alternatives For Free Sports Streaming 😱

WiziWig Website was one of the best sites for most popular sports and games streaming for free. The website was the provider of sport streaming in the whole world. The WiziWig website is the world of sports where you will get all the live streaming sports and games. On the site, you can also see the streaming and matches schedules in the category of football, volleyball, baseball, and much other popular sports. Now, if you want to check out more sites like WiziWig then you are at the right place. Here we have brought a list of WiziWig Alternatives for Sports Streaming for free.  Let us check out the best Sites like WiziWig.

Best Sites Like WiziWig Alternatives for Sports Streaming

Here, we are going to share a list with your of WiziWig alternatives to watch sports and see live TV to check the score of your favorite score. Without any delay let us start and check the best WiziWig Alternatives.

1. CricFree

WiziWig Alternatives

One of the best WiziWig Alternative is CricFree from all other websites. As in the name itself you can see, there is a famous word Cric, so it is obvious for Cricket. This site is famous for cricket streaming. CricFree site streams the famous Star Sports channel for free. Apart from cricket, you can also watch other sports like Basketball, soccer, boxing, football, tennis, baseball, and much more.

CricFree website is the best site for all sports lovers. The User Interface is also very simple and easy. Easily you can find other sports. There is also a chat box available on the right side of the website. You can use that chat box to connect with other users of the site.

2. 12thPlayer

Sites like WiziWig

Another best site like WiziWig is 12thPlayer. 12thPlayer website is all about football. You will get all the updates of all the Football matches. The website subscription is completely free, that means they did not charge any amount to give live updates. But there are few Ads on the site for earnings. You can also interact with the owners and other users as there is a live support option available on the site. On the site there is not only Football but also many other sports like Soccer, basketball, tennis, Rugby, racing, hockey and much more. The User Interface is also very good and easy to use.

3. LiveTV

Live TV

LiveTV is a Free website to live stream all the games and tournaments in the world. The LiveTV website is completely free, you just need to register an account to get access for all the content. On this site, you will mainly see football events. The User Interface is very friendly and easy to use. You can see all the contents under “Upcoming Broadcasts”, “Popular Videos”, “This Month’s sports events”, “Match Of The Day”. There might be some advertisement on this website. All the contents are free to use.

4. VIP Leagues

VIP league Sports stream

VIP Leagues is another best alternative of WiziWig. On this website, there are so many sports streaming available. The Sports which are available are Cricket, UFC, WWE, Football, Hockey, Baseball, Boxing, Rugby, Tennis, Formula 1, Moto GP, Ice hockey and many more sports. You will get all the update for sports and live streams at just one place. The subscription is free and you can browse any sports and get an update.

5. Sports 365


Sports365 is the popular free live streaming sites which allow you to watch your favorite sports channel anytime, anywhere in the world. This site is mainly for a football match, but you can also watch other sports. We also get recent news and updates apart from Live Streams. The Sports 365 site steam sports like Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, and Hockey. On the left side of the home page, you will see many topics of current live sports. There is also a list of upcoming and ongoing events.

6. NewSoccer


NewSoccer is another popular streaming site which is mainly for football. On this site, you can watch all the football events. The NewSoccer website also gives live updates and news apart from streaming live. You can also watch FIFA World Cup live matches on this site. In between, you might see some small advertisement but it is okay.

NewSoccer website is totally free and you don’t need to pay anything for live streams. This website is not available for all the countries so, those can use a VPN Service to watch live football mathces.

7. SportStream

Sports stream

This one is another online Sports streaming platform which provides live streaming of all the ongoing sports and matches. There is a list of all the channels with the upcoming matches with time. On SportStream you can see all the matches from the whole world of different sports like badminton, soccer, baseball, and much more. SportStream is one of the best Alternative to WiziWig website.

8. WiziWig New

WiziWig Alternatives

WiziWig New is a popular alternative to WiziWig. This website is similar to old WiziWig but this site is created by other creators. On this website, you can see live shows from the whole world. The Site telecasts all types of games like Cricket, Tennis, Football, Rugby and much more. In between, you might get some popup ads.

9. Stream2Watch

Free WiziWig Alternatives

Stream2Watch is a great platform which streams sports online to your computer. This site is a free online Live Streaming website where you will get all your favorite sports. You can watch sports like cricket, football, tennis, badminton, wrestling, rugby, motorsport, NHL, hockey, golf and so many other sports. To get access, you need to sign up with an Email Address. You can also search live streaming sports by using the search box.

10. BatManStream


Another popular site to stream live matches. BatManStream website streams sports like football, baseball, racing, rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, NFL and several others. The website is very easy to use. Just click on your favorite sport and view it in Full HD. To get access, you need to create an account or download the extension to watch live matches.

Final Thoughts

These are the best Alternatives of WiziWig to watch all live stream sports. All the websites in the list are free of cost so you don’t need to pay any money. If you are a sports lover then this article will help you to get all the live updates of your favorite sport. We hope you like this article and helpful for you. Stay tuned for more and latest updates.

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